One sleep to go…

By this time tomorrow, my first book will be out there in the world, and I couldn’t be more excited (or nervous). This book has been a real labour of love, and I really hope that it can help create a more accessible educational experience for our learners. Our education system is changing, it’s recognising that a traditional approach just doesn’t work for our pupils. We need inclusion, true individualisation and deeper understanding of the range of needs within our school community.

Visual of the cover of Good Autism Practice for Teachers, with a link to the Critical Publishing website.

So join me on this journey, as we work together to make change for our wonderful young people. My book covers everything from Emotional Literacy to Communication and Visuals, and a lot in between as well. It provides researched and evidence based strategies, written in a way which is easy to read and digest. I don’t want this book to be one which gathers dust on a shelf! It is designed to be scribbled one, filled with colourful post its, and to be stuffed in your desk drawer so it’s accessible during your day.

Visual of Good Autism Practice for Teachers, Karen has matched her manicure to the cover, which is pink with rainbows.

And if you need any more convincing, how many teaching CPD books can you match your manicure to? #BuyThePinkBook